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SWAYAMVAR - South Asian Singles Invited TIME: Register by 1:45 pm to 6:00 pm NEW YORK'S LARGEST MATRIMONIAL - 2019! March 30th All South Asian / Indian Singles Are Invited to Find Their Partner Tix end Feb 28th Met a guy or girl on dating apps call them too. Ages: 29 - 43 years old only. No we can't divide age groups as Indians are limited here.... You have to provide a biodata as well. We want to help the ones who are honestly looking for genuine people / verified people and want to create a long lasting relationship! South Asian n Indians are invited to meet potential brides and grooms in your NEW YORK Saturday is the best day to meet singles, you will be relaxed have enough time to meet also on Sunday. This is for people looking for: Marriage Partner search Looking around We invite people from all over US - New York / New Jersey / Boston/ Philadelphia / CT / Virginia – All come out! PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE! MATRIMONIAL EVENT! ALL CASTES / RELIGIONS / REGIONS are invited Swayamvar, in ancient India, was a practice of choosing a husband, from among a list of suitors, by a girl of marriageable age. “Swayam” in Sanskrit means self and “vara” means groom in this context. Swayamvar will have a twist – We will bring in both Guys and Girls to meet each other. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN EVENT Round 1: Each table will have 1 boy / 1 girl and will be given one activity. They get 5 minutes to solve a question. Then this guy will move to the next table. You get the most time in this round. Guys will be given a letter out of A - Z and women get 1 - 100 numbers. Round 2: Here you get a second chance to meet the same people if you missed out in Round 1 or did not get to know enough. You get less time though. Match Making Round 3: In this round you can meet the people "YOU CHOOSE". You don't meet everyone only those "You want to Meet". TELL THE ORGANIZER. Important: in this round you will be given questions that can be somewhat open you up about this person For ex: How serious are you about dating, what are your 5 - 10 yr goals?, what do you look for in a partner? ) Contact us for questions - dezidreamz2 at
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